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Boating on Lake WhitneyLake Whitney is THE place for outstanding outdoor recreation, a quiet getaway, or a "secret spot" for a vacation.

  • The Dallas Morning News consistently ranks Lake Whitney as one of the Top 5 Lakes in Texas.
  • Field and Stream magazine, in May 2004, ranked a lakeside resort here as one of "the top 5 places in the U.S. to eat, sleep, and live bass".
  • In 2005, The 79th Legislature of the State of Texas declared the Lake Whitney area as the official "Getaway Capital of Texas".
  • The Lake Whitney area was the subject of a feature article in the October 2009 issue of Texas Highways magazine, titled "Whitney's World: Dive into this Hill County getaway".

With 225 miles of shoreline surrounding over 35 square miles of clear, blue water, Lake Whitney truly is a perfect getaway.

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