Driving Tour

Feel like seeing a bit of everything the area has to offer?

In just over an hour (without stops), you can see the lake, the dam and powerhouse, an area park, historical sites, our local museum, shops, and restaurants. Of course, you’ll likely want to stop and walk around many of the sites, so allow time to enjoy yourself on this tour of the Lake Whitney area.

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Detailed Driving Directions

  1. Start your tour in downtown Whitney, at the southwest corner of Brazos St and Washington Ave. Stop and visit the site of the famous Battle of the Benches and have your picture taken on the benches. Then stroll around the corner, and head west a half block on Washington Ave to read about the History of Whitney on a State Historical plaque in a small park in the middle of the block.
  2. From there, head north one block on Brazos St, and if it’s a Saturday, stop and visit the Whitney Area Museum.
  3. Continue your drive through town, making a right on Jefferson Ave, and then a left on San Jacinto St in one block. There you’ll see some of the older homes in the area, including the Boesch House at 201 N San Jacinto St, on your left.
  4. Two blocks past the Boesch House, make a left onto Hayes, cross over Brazos St, and then make a left onto Colorado St. Head south until you reach the King Memorial Church, one of the oldest churches in Whitney. Make a left on Roosevelt Ave, and then another left onto Brazos St.
  5. From there, head north for about 2 miles on Brazos St, which becomes FM 933. Turn left onto FM 1713, and follow it for almost four miles. Take the split to your left and follow the signs to McCown Park, with its sandy swimming beaches, equestrian trails, camping, boating, and more.
  6. Once you’ve finished exploring the park, head back to FM 1713, and make a left, continuing in the direction you were heading before. Cross over the Katy Bridge, originally built as a railroad bridge over the Brazos River.
  7. Continue on FM 1713 for about 5 miles, enjoying a scenic drive through the Bosque County countryside. Make a left onto FM 56, and then a left onto Highway 22 after 8-1/2 miles.
  8. Just before you get to the Whitney Dam, make a right and follow the road to the Whitney Dam powerhouse, and to see an interesting view of the south side of the dam, and of the Brazos River.
  9. Get back onto Highway 22 heading east, the same direction as you were going before. You’ll pass the Towash Creek, near the Under-Water Ghost Town of Towash.
  10. Continue on Highway 22, past FM 933 about a quarter mile, and on your right will be the Whitney Memorial Park, established before six local cemeteries were flooded with the building of the Whitney Dam.
  11. Continue east on Highway 22 for a little over a mile, until you see the Carver Mansion on your left. It is one of the oldest and grandest homes in Whitney.
  12. From there, make a u-turn safely, and head back into town.
As you are driving the area, don’t forget to stop for a bite to eat or to do some shopping at any of our local businesses.