Ribbon cutting ceremony at West Shore Civic Association,

On Tuesday, April 12 the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony at West Shore Civic Association, located at 560 FM 3118 in Laguna Park.

WSCA is dedicated to the welfare of the communities on the west shore of Lake Whitney. Their 70 plus members strive to improve and care for their community by having blood drives, Meals on Wheels,

fall cleanup, supporting the West Shore Volunteer Fire Department and Laguna Park Library. Their big fundraisers are a barbecue on Memorial Day, Valentine breakfast, large cleanup breakfast and small things during the year.  This money goes to the fall cleanup, where they provide all the dumpsters and workers for the cleanup event in October.  WSCA also provides the service of Santa’s angels for the families in Laguna Park every Christmas and many other activities.

To find out more about WSCA contact Shari Hoffman, President at shari_200@hotmail.com and she can tell you how to become a member. If you would like to rent the building, contact Sandra Morrison at 254-622-3740.



Pictured on front row are: Shari Hoffman, President, Cecil Sedberry, Board Trustee, Elmer Mulhausen, member and Lisa Dromgoole, Vice President. Back row: Paul Sauer, Chamber Vice President,  Vanessa Meyer, Chamber Director, Debora Alspaugh, Chamber member, JoAnn Mulhausen, board, Sandra Morrison, Trustee, JD Finncannon, board, Don Lawson, board, Olenn Morrison, board. Not pictured are board members Moose Stoval, Clara Chandler, Secretary and Gwen Burnham, Treausure

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