NEW CHAMBER MEMBER & Plaque Presentation LynnStar Communications

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014, the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce got a new member and presented a Plaque presentation to both owners Christopher Romine and Gene Yarbrough of LynnStar Communications

3111 S. Sheridan Road in Tulsa, OK. 74145 They can be reached at: 918-289-2155 X5202, Fax: 918-948-9910

Email: and their website is at:

They offer Broadband services (formerly Reach Broadband) Rural Cable Systems and Rural WTSP (Wireless Internet Services.) and Government & Community Services.  Home office is in Star City, Arkansas.

Present for the photo were:

Curtis Reed, member/ambassador, Chris Romine, Director Debbie

Clay, Gene Yarbrough and Chamber volunteer Wesley Turner.


Photo by:  Diana Reed



Lake Whitney
Author: Lake Whitney