Whitney Memorial Park

Highway 22, about 0.3 miles east of FM 933, Whitney

whitney-memorial-parkIn 1950, the construction of Whitney Dam created the need for this cemetery, for the reinterment of 1260 graves from six historic cemeteries in Hill and Bosque counties. Before Lake Whitney inundated these pioneer cemeteries, all of the gravesites and monuments were moved here and placed on nearly 24 acres purchased for the Brazos Valley graves.

The Captain Wilson Cemetery was originally located about six miles southwest of Whitney and named for Civil War veteran and politician J. M. C. Wilson. The earliest documented burial was from 1857. The Walling Bend Cemetery, dating from 1863, was named for Jesse Walling, who served in the Texas legislature.

The two Schuler place cemeteries were located on the Bosque County side of Lake Whitney, and contained 14 graves, many of the Basye Family. The cemetery that served the Towash community was located about five miles west of Whitney. The earliest known burial was that of A. J. and J. J. Dyer in 1864.

Their descendants included a member of the Texas Legislature, the first chief justice of Hill County and owners of a flour and grist mill. The Degraffenreid graveyard, located about three miles west of Whitney, was the largest of the six cemeteries moved with 685 graves.

Both Jesse Walling, who participated in the Battle of San Jacinto, and John C. Walling, who served in the Texas Army, are buried here. Their graves are marked with small red granite State of Texas markers, each with a star and wreath.